Friendswood HS Senior, Friendswood TX

A Friendswood HS senior session goes to the woods.

Sometimes, HS Senior photographers refer a client when they determine they are either not a great fit, out of distance range or they can’t fit them in their schedule.  This client from Friendswood HS was referred to me by the fabulous Diana Hall Photography.Clear Lake TX Senior Photographer

She is located on the South side of Houston near my clients full-time home.  But she knew that she wasn’t going to be able to make the drive to the North side of town where this High School Senior had a family weekend country home North of Huntsville Texas.   I truly was honored and so appreciated for the referral and so now I know who to send my South side inquiries to.

The Cousin Woods

So when Reid’s mama called me and invited me to go and scout out the family property I was so excited, especially after hearing what I was going to see and let me tell you that it truly was a gem!  I decided to head out on my own on a weekend prior to the session date so that I could see the property. And for some reason I couldn’t figure out the lock and I had to scale the gate.  Yep, it was quite a sight I’m sure but lucky for me the neighbors hadn’t driven by until after I climbed over, ha!   I had a little bit of a hike since I couldn’t drive into the property but nothing I couldn’t handle and I just walked around and checked things out.  Saw their lake, yep they had a lake, the cousin woods, an old metal building, a big tree with a swing, tall wispy grass and on and on.

The Woodlands TX, HS Senior Photographer

When I show up at a session I really try to be myself and hope that my clients feel comfortable enough around me to do the same.  I explained to Reid’s mom that my goal was to get her some great photos and to keep Reid comfortable and having fun and at no time ask him to do anything that made him feel awkward.   So, I told him to let me know if at any point he was getting close to “over it” and if I was asking too much of him.  But, I am pretty good at reading folks so it’s not often that I let the session get to that point.

Woodlands Texas HS Senior Photographer

Back to the day of this handsome senior’s session, so his mama drove us around in their golf cart and we drove from one end of the property to the other.  It was such an adventure and they made me feel at home and Reid was so sweet and agreeable to so many of our suggestions so that his mom had lots of choices for photos.  It was truly a good day and I left feeling blessed to get to capture memories that would last a lifetime.